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  • AnandTech | Testing SATA Express And Why We Need Faster SSDs

    Even a PCIe 2.0 x2 link offers about a 40% increase in maximum throughput over SATA 6Gbps. Like most interfaces, PCIe 2.0 isn’t 100% efficient and based on our internal tests the bandwidth efficiency is around 78-79%, so in the real world you should expect to get ~780MB/s out of a PCIe 2.0 x2 link, […]


  • Anandtech – New LSI series of Flash Memory Controllers

    May the SandForce be with you Nice writeup from Anandtech regarding the press release from LSI about it’s new 3rd generation flash memory controllers. The 3000 series takes over from the 2200 and 1200 series that preceded it as the era of SSDs was just beginning to dawn (remember those heady days of 32GB SSD […]

  • Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config • The Register

    Fusion-io has achieved a billion IOPS from eight servers in a demonstration at the DEMO Enterprise event in San Francisco. The cracking performance needed just eight HP DL370 G6 servers, running Linux on two, 6-core Intel processors, 96GB RAM. Each server was fitted with eight 2.4TB ioDrive2 Duo PCIE flash drives; thats 19.2TB of […]

  • Intels Plans for New SSDs in 2012 Detailed

    The race is to supply PCIe SSDs is really heating up now. Many competitors in the top-end Enterprise level are battling it out with each new revision of the SandForce drive controller. In the Middle and Low ends, there’s a little more variety thanks to OCZ and now Intel entering the race. Hopefully prices will stay the same while performance shoots through the roof. that appears to be the trend right now anyways. So don’t expect 2GBytes/sec and 1Tbyte capacity for anything less than $10K USD. That’s par for the course in the Enterprise market still, Read On:

  • AnandTech – OCZ Z-Drive R4 CM88 1.6TB PCIe SSD Review

    OCZ is still creating new products on a very torrid pace. Compared to the high end, OCZ is able to turn around new products incorporating the newest NAND chips and SSD drive controllers within months of their release. So what is OCZ doing on the high end, say the desktop enthusiast or low-end data center market? And what kind of performance are they targeting at those price levels? Read On:

  • CES 2011: Corsair Performance Series 3 SSD Benchmarks – AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

    Future performance rates of PCIe based Flash Memory drives is going through the roof based on the torrid pace of development at SandForce. They make the leading flash memory controller for SSDs and PCIe based SSD drives. And the rate of change in each generation of shipping product is scaling up much faster than anyone is ready for. Sustained reads and writes for single SSDs using SF-2000 controllers is quoted at around 500MB/s. As one person noted on a forum recently Flash Memory at this rate is getting close the PC-133 DRAM speeds (and I still have a Apple Titanium Laptop that uses PC-133). Truly the hard drive has been eclipsed, hello Solid State Disk.

  • A Quick Look at OCZ’s RevoDrive x2 – AnandTech

        What OCZ (and other companies) ultimately need to do is introduce a SSD controller with a native PCI Express interface (or something else other than SATA). SandForce’s recent SF-2000 announcement showed us that SATA is an interface that simply can’t keep up with SSD controller evolution. At peak read/write speed of 500MB/s, even […]

  • OCZ Reveals New Bootable PCIe SSD (quick comparison to Angelbird PCIe)

    Many, many companies are making many announcements in the product category of PCI Express SSD drives. This once rare and expensive product is now being developed into a bigger market with standards organizations being formed and a flurry of new products being announced recently. What does this all mean for you? Hopefully it means the prices will come down, but first let’s take a look at a new product from OCZ.