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  • CES 2011: Corsair Performance Series 3 SSD Benchmarks – AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

    Future performance rates of PCIe based Flash Memory drives is going through the roof based on the torrid pace of development at SandForce. They make the leading flash memory controller for SSDs and PCIe based SSD drives. And the rate of change in each generation of shipping product is scaling up much faster than anyone is ready for. Sustained reads and writes for single SSDs using SF-2000 controllers is quoted at around 500MB/s. As one person noted on a forum recently Flash Memory at this rate is getting close the PC-133 DRAM speeds (and I still have a Apple Titanium Laptop that uses PC-133). Truly the hard drive has been eclipsed, hello Solid State Disk.

  • Micron’s ClearNAND: 25nm + ECC

    Whenever you have a refinement in a technologically sophisticated product there are always side effects. With silicon chips, some side effects were very beneficial (as sizes shrink, speeds can increase). However with Flash memory chips, multi-level memory cells are starting to suffer from the point of diminishing returns. Smaller sizes mean more fragile, more susceptible to wearing out. So the next evolution is to build in some extra circuitry and insurance to prevent the failures from ruining your day, so let’s take a look at Error Correcting Codes (ECC):

  • A Quick Look at OCZ’s RevoDrive x2 – AnandTech

        What OCZ (and other companies) ultimately need to do is introduce a SSD controller with a native PCI Express interface (or something else other than SATA). SandForce’s recent SF-2000 announcement showed us that SATA is an interface that simply can’t keep up with SSD controller evolution. At peak read/write speed of 500MB/s, even […]

  • May the SandForce be with you • The Register

    Just a quick link to a Press Release from the makers of the most popular highest performance disk controller for Solid State Drives. Higher speeds and more throughput make SSDs even more attractive to the Enterprise data centers and they mean faster laptops and desktops for us all.