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  • IBM Goes Modular And Flashy With X6 Systems – Timothy Prickett Morgan

    The memory channel storage modules were developed by SanDisk in conjunction with Diablo Technologies, and are called UltraDIMM by SanDisk. The modules put flash memory created by SanDisk (which has a flash partnership with Toshiba) that has a SATA interface on a memory stick. Diablo has created a chipset that converts the SATA protocol to […]


  • OCZ sells out to Toshiba (it’s been good to know yuh’)

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/12/03/toshiba_buys_ocz/ Seems like it was only two years ago when OCZ bought out memory controller and intellectual property (IP) holder Indilinx for it’s own branded SSD products. At the time everyone was buying SandForce memory controllers to keep up with the Joneses. Speed-wise and performance-wise SandForce was king. But with so many competitors about using […]

  • Anandtech – New LSI series of Flash Memory Controllers

    May the SandForce be with you Nice writeup from Anandtech regarding the press release from LSI about it’s new 3rd generation flash memory controllers. The 3000 series takes over from the 2200 and 1200 series that preceded it as the era of SSDs was just beginning to dawn (remember those heady days of 32GB SSD […]

  • AnandTech – Some Thoughts on SandForces 3rd Generation SSD Controller

    Finally theres talk about looking at other interfaces in addition to SATA. Its possible that we may see a PCIe version of SandForces 3rd generation controller. via AnandTech – Some Thoughts on SandForces 3rd Generation SSD Controller. Some interesting notes about future directions SandForce might take especially now that SandForce has been bought out by […]

  • OCZ samples twin-core ARM SSD controller • The Register

    OCZ is swiftly moving up the charts of manufacturers attempting to differentiate product at the consumer level. Between the PCIe based RevoDrives and this new announcement of it’s own Flash memory controller it appears they are out front on the performance and future performance fronts. Here’s to any manufacturer who decides to not just license SandForce controllers but also design and produce their own.

  • AnandTech – OCZ Agility 3 240GB Review

    The upgrade market for Windows PCs is still very strong and budget concerns are almost always a preeminent when shopping for an upgrade. From CPU to Memory to Harddrives, a Solid State Disk is still a sure way of increasing the Windows Experience Score for your Windows 7 PC. Now OCZ is trying to drive the new SandForce 2xxx series controller into a lower price level product. Enter the OCZ Agility Solid State Disk:

  • EMC’s all-flash benediction: Turbulence ahead • The Register

    All the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) spread by big legacy manufacturers of hard drive storage in the data center is a way to stem or delay the burgeoning tidal wave of Flash memory based storage. Yes the economics of Flash based storage are not quite there yet, but for the high performance, high throughput folks the future is now.

  • OCZ Acquires Indilinx SSD Controller Maker

    Just a few weeks after announcing the OCZ Vertex 3 Pro and non-Pro SSDs, OCZ comes up with this. They are going to acquire a company that competes directly with the top of line SSD drive controller manufacturer. Indilinx has gained a reputation for helping ‘bring down’ prices of SSDs by making the drive controller more affordable, whereas SandForce (makers of the drive controller for Vertex 3) has kept up its margins but increased performance by a huge margin as well. I guess it makes sense to sell as many drives as you can and cater to all levels of the market. But I don’t know if it’s going to undermine OCZ’s business relationship with SandForce.

  • OCZ Vertex 3 Preview – AnandTech

    SandForce has been working on the SF-2000 series drive controllers for the Flash memory disk market for a while. Hints and whispers indicated as did previous generation products, that the newest controller from SandForce would be wildly expensive, but also incredibly fast as well. However, while the OCZ Vertex 3 Pro more or less confirmed the hints and whispers, the ‘consumer’ grade OCZ Vertex 3 (non-Pro) has toppled all those suspicions. We now have on the market a high end, but not outrageously priced SATA 6 drive that can achieve 500MB/s Read/Write throughput. Can PCIe based drives be far behind?

  • Next-Gen SandForce Controller Seen on OCZ SSD

    More follow up on the brief hints at the SandForce SF-2000 series SSD drive controller. More details are coming out about the expected range of performance of SSDs using the chip. Hopefully it will see some fast uptake by the bigger manufacturers of the PCIe based SSD drives, thus sending computer performance to a whole new level in terms of blistering fast read/write speeds to the mass storage device.