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  • SSD prices may drop following impending price war | MacFixIt – CNET Reviews

    As a result of this impending price war, if you are planning on upgrading your system with an SSD, you might consider waiting for a few months to watch the market and see how much prices fall. via SSD prices may drop following impending price war | MacFixIt – CNET Reviews. Great analysis and news […]


  • EMC’s all-flash benediction: Turbulence ahead • The Register

    All the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) spread by big legacy manufacturers of hard drive storage in the data center is a way to stem or delay the burgeoning tidal wave of Flash memory based storage. Yes the economics of Flash based storage are not quite there yet, but for the high performance, high throughput folks the future is now.

  • A Quick Look at OCZ’s RevoDrive x2 – AnandTech

        What OCZ (and other companies) ultimately need to do is introduce a SSD controller with a native PCI Express interface (or something else other than SATA). SandForce’s recent SF-2000 announcement showed us that SATA is an interface that simply can’t keep up with SSD controller evolution. At peak read/write speed of 500MB/s, even […]

  • OCZ Reveals New Bootable PCIe SSD (quick comparison to Angelbird PCIe)

    Many, many companies are making many announcements in the product category of PCI Express SSD drives. This once rare and expensive product is now being developed into a bigger market with standards organizations being formed and a flurry of new products being announced recently. What does this all mean for you? Hopefully it means the prices will come down, but first let’s take a look at a new product from OCZ.

  • 64 GB Coming to SD Cards, USB Drives

    Samsung’s product development just won’t quit. What new devices await us in 2011? Will we see usb flash drives hit 64Gbytes? Will flash memory prices start to fall? Will SSDs become ubiquitous? With 3 manufacturers hitting the same feature size simultaneously it’s very likely.

  • May the SandForce be with you • The Register

    Just a quick link to a Press Release from the makers of the most popular highest performance disk controller for Solid State Drives. Higher speeds and more throughput make SSDs even more attractive to the Enterprise data centers and they mean faster laptops and desktops for us all.