The Deader the Better

You probably already know about this website. We got on the topic of Ditto Machines at work today. Who can forget the ultimate utility of the Ditto machine. 500 copies at a maximum before they faded too much to be useful. For a class of 30 kids, no problem, nice neat sharp copies bright blue or purple in color. Why I even remember that I got to make a Ditto master in this class they put me in called ‘Enrichment’. It later became the accelerated class for kids who were somewhat less academically challenged than most. Anyway, I screwed up make the master two times in a row, because I didn’t remove the barrier sheet that separated the original from the Wax Master. I was give two shots at it and finally the teacher had to copy over my work herself. My hand-writing was not all that good anyway, so much the better for everyone that had to take the Enrichment Class.

But, I also go an email from a buddy who went to art school talking about early days of removable storage on the Mac. Bernoulli Drives were the cost leader at the time and you paid around $120 for 90MB worth of storage. I recounted my days in art school when Graphic Design folks were doing the removable storage too. The professor who was requiring students to purchase the storage had bet heavily on Magneto-Optical drives with disks that priced out to $128 for 128MB of storage. Not too bad for 1990 right? Soon after the same company started selling disks that held 256MB worth of storage and were backward compatible with the same external drive units. I think the drive itself was rather expensive though (maybe around $1500 by the end of 1991). Think about the dead storage technologies, the dead computing technologies. The burn rate is ever increasing. It goes from the desktop to the personal. Now we had dead Music Player technologies. Who among us knows fanboys who had each and every new MP3 player before the iPod hit the market, then sadly went on a run at Apple iPod treadmill. Dead dead dead, all dead.






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