Nakagin Capsule Tower

Just Look at all the pictures of the Tower

I thought I might be one of the first, but in the age of the Interwebs, it appears I may be one of the last or middle to take pictures of the Nakagin Capsule Tower and post it on Flickr. There are no less than 113 images, all different posted to Flickr. And not surprisingly, there are about 10 images that are far better than ANY of the pictures I took. While social software may allow all kinds of discoveries to be made, the one you don’t want to make is that you are one of the teeming masses of photographers. Oh well. I guess now I will be more of an editor than a photographer in this case. I’m going to pare back the number of photos I was going to post to my best 5 or so images of Nakagin. Then I should go and caption all the photos with something interesting historical, wikipedia like in its completeness. Maybe that’s where I can differentiate my Flickr photostream. Regardless, I will soldier on and share my photos all the same, but just try to be a better editor this time ’round.






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