Sell, sell, sell

A cautionary tale by your friend the Wing Commander.

Let’s say you knew somebody that had a business, something they started themselves. They put their whole lives into it so they could escape the corporate rat race. Then as is the case with most people, you lose interest, it becomes a job and you want to cash out. The time to sell is now. But things are always as clean, wrapped up, and straightforward as all that. No you have a period of inactivity, fallowness where you’re waiting to hear back you’re trying to wrap up, trying to transition. And your buyer is still trying to get their act together. They’re not ready yet, they’re floating along you’re floating along. And as long as your customers are still making orders and are happy it’s still a business right? But your heart isn’t in it anymore and it’s a grind, kinda like that corporate rat race you escape years ago. Me, I’m no different. I’m the same way. But I made a conscious decision never to try and escape the corporate rat race. I don’t care how bad it gets, I’m staying put. But you should never let your decisions affect all aspects of your life. I am going to take action. I’m profiting by the example of others and dumping the things that I let float along far too long. Say goodbye you crappy stocks. I’m finally dumping those dogs I purchased all the way back in 2001. Now tell me there’s no such thing as loyalty when it comes to a stock market. I was dumb I know. But now I’m getting my act together. No more Blue Monday.






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