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The Milgram Experiment, Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment, the Holocaust, Adolph Eichmann, Abu Ghraib prison and now:

What is most amazing is people thought over and over the caller could ‘see them’. They thought he was across the street watching with binoculars. They thought he was on another telephone line with the Corporate HQ or the Chief of Police. He said he was, the semi-anonymous phone caller, an Officer. And he commanded people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. And yet they did them anyway. Worse yet, the case of the McDonalds in Mount Washington, KY shows just how out of hand things can get. Even though the actual caller couldn’t see the people in the back office of that restaurant, a security camera in the office caught the whole thing on tape. The true all seeing eye was McDonalds Corp. itself and the tape was evidence of a crime committed, merely through an man impersonating a police officer making a call a thousand miles away from his pay phone in Florida.






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