Patriot Torqx Vs. Intel

I’ve seen some claims that newer SSDs coming out are implementing the SATA TRIM command. This development is hailing a new era in SDD performance, something we have all wished for since the introduction of SSDs back in 2005. In the last 4 years, performance gains have usually been obtained by using RAID controllers within the SSDs. Worse yet, some SATA disk controllers on the SSDs were known to be total dogs when it comes to performance. Enter the hero of our story: Indilinx

Indilinx decided after multiple requests to enter the market and show that SSDs are worthy of some real product development. Patriot is the one of the first manufacturers to adopt the Indilinx disk controller. Given announcements from Microsoft recently over the addition of full OS support for the SATA TRIM command and now the Indilinx controller,…

One can only hope that Windows 7 will allow SSDs to finally equal or surpass their HDD counterparts. Finger crossed, hoping the Indilinx takes the market by storm and Microsoft will fully embrace and improve its support for the TRIM command

Recent SSD from Torq vs. Intel

Despite the huge performance gains, two major things plague SSDs:

– Poor quality flash memory controller, performance

– Cost

Patriot Memory’s new Torqx SSD addresses both–more so the former.

via Patriot Memory’s Torqx SSD Vs. Intel’s X25-M – Tom’s Hardware.

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