New Intel Flash drives coming soon

Intel is finally going to ramp up it’s newest production lines to include Flash memory chips, thereby shrinking the design rules down to 34nm. Density of the new Flash memory chips is going to allow even larger Solid State Drives (SSD) and in some cases the prices may be less for the newer drives than the equivalent preceeding generation of SSDs. Price points quoted in the article are projected to be around $276 possibly as low as $261 for the 80GB/34nm based SSD from Intel. The closer to $200 the better, that’s the point at which you can buy some of the higher capacity traditional HDD’s from Seagate, and Western Digital. The day of the $200 Flash Drive is coming soon.

A Canadian RedFlagDeals technology website expects an announcement within a week and says there will be 80GB, 160GB and 320GB models.

via Intel to deliver Postville in August • The Register.







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