Buzz Bombs in the News – Or the Wheel Reinvented

Slashdot just posted this article for all to read on the Interwebs

penguinrecorder writes“The Thunder Generator uses a mixture of liquefied petroleum, cooking gas, and air to create explosions, which in turn generate shock waves capable of stunning people from 30 to 100 meters away. At that range, the weapon is relatively harmless, making people run in panic when they feel the sonic blast hitting their bodies. However, at less than ten meters, the Thunder Generator is capable ofcausing permanent damage or killing people.”

I went directly to the article itself and read the contents of it. And it was very straight forward, more or less indicating this new shockwave gun was an adaptation of the propane powered “scare crows” used to budge and shift birds from farm fields in Israel.

TEL AVIV – An Israeli-developed shock wave cannon used by farmers to scare away crop-threatening birds could soon be available to police and homeland security forces around the world for nonlethal crowd control and perimeter defense.

I think Mark Pauline and Survival Research Labs beat the Israeli’s to the punch inventing the so-called cannon:

Prior to Mark Pauline and Survival Research Labs, the German military in WW2 adapted the pulse jet for the V-1 Buzz bomb. In short, a German terror weapon has indirectly become the product of an Israeli defense contractor. Irony Explodes. The V1 Buzz bomb was influenced by a French inventor Georges Marconnet. Everything Old is new again in the war on terror. Some good ideas never die, they just get re-invented like the wheel.






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