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I use google wave every single day. I start off the day by checking gmail. Then I look at a few news sites to see if anything of interest happened. Then I open google wave: because thats where my business lives. Thats how I run a complicated network of collaborators, make hundreds of decisions every day and organise the various sites that made me $14.000 in december.
On how Google Wave surprisingly changed my life – This is so Meta.

I’m glad some people are making use of Google Wave. After the first big spurt of interest, sending invites out to people interest tapered off quickly. I would login and see no activity whatsoever. No one was coming back to see what people had posted. So like everyone else I stopped coming back too.

Compare this also to the Facebook ebb and flow. I notice the occasionally slagging Facebook with an editorial in their Tech News section. Usually the slagging is conducted by someone who I would classify as a pseudo technology enthusiast (the kind that doesn’t back up their files, then subsequently writes about it in an article to complain about it). Between iPhone upgrades and writing up the latest free web service they occasionally rip Facebook in order to get some controversy going.

But as I’ve seen Facebook has a rhythm of less participation then periods of intense participation. Sometimes it’s lonely, people don’t post or read for months and months. It makes me wonder what interrupts their lives long enough that people stop reading or writing posts. I would assume Google Wave might suffer the same kind of ebb and flow even when used for ‘business’ purposes.

So the question is, does any besides this lone individual on Posterous use Google Wave on a daily business for work purposes?

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