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We have seen a turnaround however. At last year’s IDF Intel showed off a proof of concept PCIe SSD that could push 1 million IOPS. And with the consumer SSD market dominated by a few companies, the smaller players turned to building their own PCIe SSDs to go after the higher margin enterprise market. Enterprise customers had the budget and the desire to push even more bandwidth. Throw a handful of Indilinx controllers on a PCB, give it a good warranty and you had something you could sell to customers for over a thousand dollars.

via OCZ’s RevoDrive Preview: An Affordable PCIe SSD – AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News.

Anandtech does a review of the OCZ RevoDrive. A PCIe SSD for the consumer market. It’s not as fast as a Fusion-io, but then it isn’t nearly as expensive either. How fast is it say compared to a typical SATA SSD? Based on the benchmarks in this review it seems as though the RevoDrive is a little faster than most SATA SSDs, but it also costs about $20 more than a really good 120GB SSD. Be warned that this is the Suggest Retail price, and no shipping product yet exists. Prices may vary once this PCIe card finally hits the market. But I agree 100% with this quote from the end of the review:

“If OCZ is able to deliver a single 120GB RevoDrive at $369.99 this is going to be a very tempting value.”

Indeed, much more reasonable than a low end Fusion-io priced closer to $700+, but not as fast either. You picks your products, you pays yer money.




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