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The base configuration of the original SM10000 came with 512 cores, 1 TB of memory, and a few disks; it was available at the end of July last year and cost $139,000. The new SM10000-64 uses the N570 processors, for a total of 256 chips but 512 cores, the same 1 TB of memory, eight 500 GB disks, and eight Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, for $148,000. Because there are half as many chipsets on the new box compared to the old one, it burns about 18 percent less power, too, when configured and doing real work.

via SeaMicro drops 64-bit Atom bomb server • The Register.

I don’t want to claim that Seamicro is taking a page out of the Apple playbook, but keeping your name in the Technology News press is always a good thing. I have to say it is a blistering turnaround time to release a second system board for the SM10000 server so quickly. And knowing they do have some sales to back up the need for further development makes me thing this company really could make a  go of it. 512 CPU cores in a 10U rack is still a record of some sort and I hope to see one day Seamicro publish some white papers and testimonials from their current customers to see what killer application this machine has in the data center.




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