TOS-Deep Dive (aka POSSE Hackfest ’11)

Wednesday Afternoon: Worked with Ben and Nate a little. Got the latest Sugar emulator running under Fedora 15. And got Fortune Hunter running on it too. Screen size is a little big, but everything’s there and installed. Next step is to clone the repository, read the wiki see whazzup, yo! Created an account on Gitorius and made a personal clone on the gitorius website.

Might be able to force the screen size smaller, as making my screen bigger is out of the question. I’m at 1024×768 not 1200×900 (the default it seems for the XO). Also curious to look at some of the underlying bits contained in as well.

Thursday morning: Found an example of how to clone using Git. Figured out the right syntax to clone the clone off of Gitorious. Gitorius also provides a correctly formatted Git URL which I pasted into the commaned line after first pasting in the example Git clone command. This was the string that did the job:


Yes it was THAT easy to clone. Now I’m browsing around the folders. So my next question is if I change anything, how do I then re-build/package this up into a .xo file I can pull into the Sugar Emulator? Also looking at the level builder Fortune Maker, I haven’t installed that into Sugar yet. Might just persue that as a form of even lower hanging fruit. Downloaded the Fortune Maker.xo file and got it installed as an activity in the Sugar Emulator. Might try playing around with making a Level in the game.

Made a dungeon, I think I exported it. Tried running Math Adventure Fortune Hunter on Sugar Emulator. It’s not getting past the opening ‘cut scene’ screen. Directions indicate you can hit the right arrow or clicking the ‘check mark’. I’m not seeing the check mark and it doesn’t respond to the right arrow on the keyboard. Also the main screen is too large for the screen (the 1024×768 is not the same size of the XO’s 1200×900.

Might also try downloading lemonade stand and getting it running  as it uses the Fortune Engine same as the Fortune Hunter MA.







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