A Hiatus is being announced (carpetbomberz.com is taking a pause)

Sadly, my job has changed. I was forced to be re-assigned to a different part of the same organization I have worked for the last 16 years. Luckily I GOT a job, and still have one. Which is more than some people who have suffered through these last 4 years of recession. So I thank my lucky stars that I can continue to pay bills for the foreseeable future. I am lucky, there’s no other word for it.

As for my commentary on technology news, that will have to wait for a while until I can sort out my daily schedule. This may take a little while until I can develop a good work/life balance again and am able to follow tech news a little more closely and try to project what Future Trends may emerge. So I’m glad to have had a good consistent run for a while. And hopefully I can get back to a regular twice-weekly schedule again real soon. So enjoy the archive of older articles (there’s literally hundreds of them) and try throwing in some comments on some older articles. I’ll respond, no problem with that at all. And on that happy suggestion, I bid you adieu!






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