Fixed on Pages: Long-Term Content on Your Blog

I’m going to look into this further. I have a home renovation project page, but it’s not well integrated into the rest of the Blog. Might have to restructure/re-factor the blog a bit.

The Daily Post

Most of us consider our posts to be the fundamental elements of our blog’s content. In their never-ending path towards our growing archive, they receive the vast majority of our energy, and most of our readers’ attention.

If we think of our posts as a renewable, fresh stream of content, pages, on the other hand, are often treated as no more than stagnant puddles of old information. (Not sure about the difference between pages and posts? Here are some pointers.) In today’s post, we invite you to reconsider the role of pages in your blog. Used well and updated regularly, they can enhance and complement your blog’s main content.

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