Every new iPhone tool deserves another

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Every new iPhone tool deserves another

I note from iFixit.com tear downs in the recent past that an Apple iPhone can sometimes require lots of heating and softening of adhesive. iPhone 5s while it requires a tool, at least shows some sign of requiring less heating/melting of adhesive. The tool I’ve linked to is a special tool to pull the front and back halves apart on the iPhone 5s.

It’s called the iSclack… 2 suction cups mounted onto a pair of special clamp-like pliers. Once the cups are attached, you just apply pressure and try to pop open the case. Note, you’ll also need to invest in the specialty penta-lobe screw driver that Apple choses to use on its iDevices to prevent casual opening of the cases by anyone other than a certified Apple maintenance person. Aside from the use of penta-lobe screws, I think iPhone 5s is probably not a bad phone to get. And more because of the lack of excess adhesive making the whole thing more water tight but harder to repair.

The use of adhesive forced iFixit to come up with a special heating device, that would lay on the perimeter of the iPhone after it was heated up in a microwave. That one is called iOpener. So things are improving as the iOpener is not absolutely necessary for iPhone 5s. Let’s hope it continues to improve that way.






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