Extending SSD’s Lifespan

Glad to help out. I think SSDs are the first big thing in a while helping speed up desktop computers. After Intel came out with the i-series CPUs and the hard drives hit 4TB, things have been changing very slowly and incrementally. So SSD at least is giving people some extra speed boost. But with new tech, comes new problems. Like lifespan…


Thanks to my fellow blogger Carpetbomberz, I now have something to write. Thanks, mate!

Well, today I will go around talking about SSDs.

As a PC owner, I know for a fact that you experienced quite a number of problems on this department. On my case, there are instances when my PC can’t read the SSD and it is volatile to “Freezing” and became unresponsive which lead to its eventual downfall. Most PCs use SSD as a main storage that is why it is a big problem if it will be rendered useless, not to mention the files and data stored that will be forever lost. SSD is a good find but there are downsides to all these. The cost of the device is definitely a problem too that is why you have to make use of it to your full advantage.

Thankfully, there are way to extend it’s…

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