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Not to worry, the idea is good, the logic sound. It’s just people being focused on immediate, pragmatic needs and not looking further. Bigger picture may eventually be important to calendar owners when competitors gain advantage and added value by having their calendars be aggregated easily through RSS subscription. When they guy next door starts getting all the traffic, they’ll see the value.

Jon Udell

The Elm City project was my passion and my job for quite some time. It’s still my passion but no longer my job. The model for calendar syndication that I created is working well in a few places, but hasn’t been adopted widely enough to warrant ongoing sponsorship by my employer, Microsoft. And I’ll be the last person to complain about that. A free community information service based on open standards, open source software, and open data? Really? That’s your job? For longer than anyone could reasonably have expected, it was.

So now I’m on to the next project, one that you might think even more unlikely for a Microsoft employee. I’m helping Yaron Goland create something we are both passionate about: the peer-to-peer Web. Yaron’s project is called Thali, and I’ll say more about it later.

But first I want to sum up what I’ve learned from the…

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