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Wow this has gotten my brain to working overtime. How small can you go with System on Chip like fully integrated Raspberry Pi modules? Could you fit this not just on an SO-DIMM but also maybe an SDXC sized memory card? Or a Micro-SDXC card? Imagine that. And if you want to see an even better write-up of this announcement, go over to Make magazines online website here:

They’ve got Vimeo video and other great analysis looking at this system on an SO-DIMM board. Very interesting stuff.

Compute Module – First Look from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.

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Raspberry Pi is adding a new hardware module to its line-up specifically aimed at businesses and industrial users.

The forthcoming module — which is called the Compute Module and will be available some time after this June — will contain the Pi’s BCM2835 processor, 512Mbyte of RAM and a 4Gbyte eMMC Flash device all mounted on a 67.6x30mm board (pictured above) that fits into a standard DDR2 SODIMM connector.

The Compute Module is primarily aimed at those wanting to create their own PCB, says the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s engineering team. But they will also be releasing a Compute Module IO Board — this break-out board (pictured below) will provide power and the ability to program the Compute Module’s Flash memory. It will also have connectors, such as HDMI and USB, so you can easily access and start experimenting with the hardware.


The original $35/$25 Raspberry Pi microcomputer sold a truck load more units than the couple of thousand its not-for-profit Cambridge-U.K. creators imagined they would ship…

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