The Neurogrid – What It Is and What It Is Not

More info on the Neurogrid massively parallel computer. Comparing it to other AI experiments in modeling individual neurons is apt. I compare it to Danny Hillis’s The Connection Machine (TMC) which used ~65k individual 1 bit processors to model neurons. It was a great idea, and experiment, but it never quite got very far into the commercial market.


Neurogrid circuit board that replicates functions of the human brain. What it is:

Some would argue that replicating the human brain in silicon is impossible. However, the folks over at Brains in Silicon of Stanford University might disagree. They’ve created a circuit board capable of simulating one million neurons and up to 6 billion synapses in real-time. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”. They call their new type of computer The Neurogrid.

The Neurogrid board boasts 16 of their Neurocore chips, with each one holding 256 x 256 “neurons”. It attempts to function like a brain by using analog signals for computations and digital signals for communication. “Soft-wires” can run between the silicon neurons, mimicking the brain’s synapses.

Be sure to stick around after the break, where we discuss the limitations of the Neurogrid, along with a video from its creators.

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