Google Glass’ Lead Electrical Engineer Adrian Wong Defects To Oculus

Interesting news to hear this Google Glass engineer is jumping ship to join Oculus. Now that is very interesting. I wouldn’t blame anyone who would join up with Oculus, I think it will have a much more outrageously creative future over the lighter weight wearable stuff from Google.


Adrian Wong still lists himself as a “professional daydreamer” on LinkedIn, but he’s just left Google[x] where he was a lead electrical engineer on Glass to start “Building the Metaverse” at Oculus VR. Wong had been at Google since December 2010 following a stint at Sandia National Laboratories, but now he’s working at Facebook’s latest mega-acquisition.

A source clued us in to Wong’s move, and while he still lists his employer as “Google X” on Google+, his LinkedIn confirms the shift. I got in touch with Wong but he politely declined to comment. On May 2nd, Wong posted his goodbye note to his fellow Googlers…on Facebook, which should have been a clue. He wrote “#FreshStartFridays – Surprise! Today is my last day at Google. Three rollercoaster years with Google[x] and Glass. What amazing memories. Now, time for the next great adventure!” That adventure is apparently building the hardware to power virtual…

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