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Speaking of speeds and feeds, ARM claims that when running at 2GHz, the CoreLink CCN-508 can deliver up to 1.6TB/sec of usable system bandwidth – and that’s “T” as in “tera”. When equipped with DDR4 memory, its four-channel memory system can nudge up to around 75GB/sec.

via ARM targets enterprise with 32-core, 1.6TB/sec bandwidth beastie • The Register. Goodbye Calxeda, SeaMicro. Tilera, hello ARM! I’m so happy to see a project like this see light of day and hopefully get picked up by a licensee of ARM. If this part can find it’s way into a shipping product whatever device, appliance, gateway or server it might be that would be fantastic. ARM is predicting pretty high throughput capability on this chip. I just wish they had an equally capable memory bus or memory controller. Four channels of DDR4 RAM will net you only 75GB/sec bandwidth when coupled up with this chip. But we shouldn’t be too much a perfectionist and demand the full theoretical throughput of 1.6TB (at least not yet). This is the perfect experimental testing ground to see what hybrid of NVRAM and DRAM might be able to inch up the performance on the memory bus. I’m specifically referencing something like the IBM/SanDisk UltraDIMM and similar products like it that would act as an integrated memory layer resident in the DIMM slots on a well designed custom motherboard. That to me would mark the entry into a new class of high speed computing for general usage or even cloud-type data center usage. I know cloud providers prefer virtualized everything, virtual machines, virtual storage, virtual networking. I just hope that a low power, high throughput CPU is matched up with something equal to it’s I/O capabilities.

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