ISPs Create Fake Grassroots Groups To Fight Net Neutrality


net neutrality

Right on cue, the big corporations who stand to lose the most from the treatment of Internet connectivity as a public utility are allegedly creating “grassroots” organizations that are really fronts for expensive lobbying operations. For example, one organization, Broadband for America, is funded almost entirely by the National Cable and Telecom Association. Vice has an interesting expose on the whole rigmarole.

Writes Lee Fang regarding another “consumer advocacy” group, ACI:

Why would a self-professed consumer advocacy group not only oppose moving toward net neutrality but claim that America’s broadband market—one of the slowest, most expensive in the industrialized world with fewer than three choices in many parts of the country—is so great?Perhaps because ACI, like Broadband for America, is financed by an ISP lobby group. Annual tax returns show that a foundation controlled by lobbyists from the cell phone industry, called, has contributed to ACI since 2010.


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