LMS Administrator How To Guide

By Craig Weiss

If you are a LMS administrator, I want to personally thank you.  I know that it is a job that rarely gets the recognition it deserves.  I know that it is the first place someone goes when something goes wrong and yet, rarely appreciated when something goes right.

I feel your pain, I really do.

That said, you shouldn’t feel alone.  Forget the anguish, because at this very instance someone out there is starting their first day as a LMS administrator.  They may have been hired because of previous experience.

They may have been moved into the role from another role at the company.  Heck, they may be doing another role and been told you have to do this, because of downsizing.

Regardless, they are entering the position either having the knowledge to succeed quickly or having nearly no knowledge and expecting the same.

Hence this guide.  It won’t make…

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