Apple Brings Better Discussion, iPad Course Creation To iTunes U

I manage iTunes U at the University where I work. I’m glad to know Apple keeps on working on it, adding features and fixing bugs. It now seems even more useful as a lightweight Course Management System. Had they tried doing this from the earliest days, it’s likely they could have gained some loyal fan base that eventually bought into Blackboard, Angel, Canvas etc.


Apple has updated iTunes U with a bunch of new features, cranking the version number up to 2 and introducing improved discussion features and the ability to create and update courses directly from the iPad app, which previously has been mostly a user-facing client for consuming content.

The update, live now in the App Store, gives the universal app new powers for students, letting them ask questions on the course, posts and assignments more easily in private courses, and allows other students to participate in discussion directly by asking follow-on or supplemental questions, or by answering questions posed by other students. Push notifications also now alert users about new questions and responses to discussion in process.

For teachers in particular, it’s a big update, since it now allow them to set up their iPads from their devices. They can provide course outlines, create assignments, put out class materials and track…

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