Study Finds Internet Congestion Really Is About Business, Not Technology

That’s right, the fault dear reader is not in our stars but in ourselves. We have slow internets speeds, ‘Cuz Business. That’s the briefest synopsis yet that I’ve written. Whether it’s carriers allow each others traffic to run across their networks or peering arrangements or whatever, each business is trying to mess with the other guy’s traffic. And the consumers the customers all lose as a result.


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Various enormous corporations have this year been at each other’s throats over how well or how poorly internet traffic travels through their systems. A new report indicates that some of the mud-slinging this year is true: interconnection, or peering, between ISPs is why end-users are getting terrible internet traffic. But, they say, it’s business, and not technology, that’s making your Netflix buffer.

DSL Reports points the way to the study, from an internet research organization called M-Lab. M-Lab studied how traffic does (or doesn’t) make it to you through the peering connections it travels through.

Peering has come up a lot this year, most notably around Netflix. The streaming-video behemoth contended that major ISPs — particularly but not solely Comcast and Verizon — were deliberately letting Netflix traffic clog up.

The congestion was happening at interconnection points, the places where the transit ISPs Netflix partnered with…

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