Even The Name Is Cool!

On the BBC show “Top Gear”, the host Jeremy Clarkson is heard to use the phrase, “A Concorde Moment”. He means to say the moment in time when British and French Aerospace Engineers designed, built and manufactured the fastest and most advanced civilian transport in the world. This followed only by the Apollo Missions in the U.S. to land a man on the moon. Add to this now another big accomplishment the SR-71 and it’s predecessor the YA-12. We’ve seen and now have seen pass the highest level of achievement in aeronautics we will EVER see. There’s no where else to go but an even plateau going forward or slightly downwards as time marches on.


One day several months ago, when I was still able to use Twitter, I was minding my own business when someone tweeted this photograph:


As a pilot it mesmerized me. I’d never before seen an aircraft that looked like it. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I thought it was something that had been designed for a film. I didn’t think it was a real aircraft, but I wanted it to be.

Later in the day I took over and showed it to my neighbour gentleman and said “I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before.”  He glanced at the photograph and said “Of course I have that’s that famous SR-71 Blackbird airplane.”


I now had a name and I rushed home and began researching it and what I discovered was nothing short of astonishing.

This aircraft was conceived, designed, built, tested and flown…

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