WD-40 Should Read Its Own Label Before Suggesting Bartenders Use A Toxic Substance On Beer Tap Handles

I dare say there is a large quantity of lubricants on the market. Including “food safe” lubricants made out of mineral oil (which is safe) or silicone (which is also safe). But always, always go by the label. If it says it can be used in food handling equipment you’re good to go. If it doesn’t say explicitly that it’s safe for food handling equipment, DO NOT use it.


(@OriginalWD40) (@OriginalWD40) We’ve got to imagine whoever handles the social media at WD-40 hasn’t read the product’s own label recently, because if so, that person would know that WD-40 is toxic and harmful to humans when ingested, making it a bad idea to use the stuff on anything that dispenses food or beverages. But heck, it’s World Bartender Day and no one wants squeaky tap handles, right?

The Twitter page for WD-40 Tweeted a recommendation suggesting that loyal customers might want to give the gift of the multi-purpose lubricant at their favorite watering hole:


The thing is, according to WD-40’s own site, the product is “harmful or fatal if swallowed” [PDF]. And on the can’s label? A giant skull and crossbones, indicating a toxic substance.

What’s an easy way to swallow WD-40? If it’s on the beer tap used to pour a beer. WD-40 goes into…

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