Sunday Morning brings Fulongon

Another day and another friend of my wife meet up. This time we went to West side of Tokyo to a little community center. My wife’s friend instructs a class in Fulongon. And I got drafted to participate so I did my best, gambatte.

I was surprised to discover I could cross my legs over top one another and hold the lotus position for roughly 10 minutes before I lost circulation in my legs!

After the morning Fulongon session we hopped another train even further West. My wife has relatives out that way, and we met at thier house for lunch. We got to see thier daughter who had a very young baby during our last trip. Today we saw herband she’s walking and talking and feeding her self. After lunch we went to an open air museum, called the Edo Tokyo Museum. It’s an architecture collection of houses disassembled and rebuilt onsite. Each one is significant for the era it depicts. So there are farm houses, businessmen’s houses. Near the end they had an interesting collection of commercial store fronts from the early 20th century including a really cool urban style bath house (which btw are slowly going away each passing year). I have some photos of museum at the end of this entry for you to peruse.




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