A new lease on life

Wow, now that’s a happy ending if I ever read one. I remember Jon’s earlier posts about his pain. Glad to know he found a resolution and it’s working for him. It gives me hope too! Sometimes there is a medically viable solution that’s better than living with the pain. And it sounds like Jon wil also get ever penny’s worth of value out of his hip replacement.

Jon Udell

Two weeks ago I underwent surgery to replace both of my hip joints. I’d been having trouble since the summer of 2012, when running became painful and I found that I couldn’t mount my bicycle by swinging my leg over the seat. These were signs of what would be diagnosed, in April 2015, as moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis. It could have been diagnosed two years earlier, when I presented symptoms I identified as a groin pull and pain in my quads. But I was still able to be very active then and, after a round of physical therapy, regained much of the range of motion I’d lost the year before. Deep down I knew something was really wrong but I convinced my doctor and physical therapist that it was all muscular, that I’d be able to work through it, and that there was no need for an x-ray.

In reality the disease…

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