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There was a time in the late 80s and early 90s where the Amiga was the standard for computer graphics. Remember SeaQuest? That was an Amiga. The intro to Better Call Saul? That’s purposefully crappy, to look like it came out of an Amiga. When it comes to the Amiga and video, the first thing that comes to…

via Digital Images And The Amiga — Hackaday

In 1994 when I first matriculated into Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester NY, the Media Center there had a number of Amiga 1000 and one Amiga 3000 computers used exclusively with the edit bays and video editing rooms there. I remember using a Genloc box with an Amiga 1000 to generate titles with drop shadows for all my grad video projects. It was amazing how easy it was to do amazing things that would take another 6 years or more to do as easily on iMovie on the Mac. Those were the days.






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