Windows Containers – Making Windows Server Relevant Again — Architecting IT

One of the most interesting presentations at DockerCon was on the implementation of containers (and Docker specifically) on the Microsoft Windows Server platform. The Microsoft presentation was given by John Starks and Taylor Brown, although John did the majority of the presenting. You can find the video online here. Implementing containerisation for Windows has obviously……

via Windows Containers – Making Windows Server Relevant Again — Architecting IT

I’m finding out a bit more about the Nano-ized version of Windows Server 2016. I’m very curious to see where this goes as the binaries for a Nano-headless instance of Server 2016 weighs in at ~600MB! Now that’s pretty slick especially if it is really capable of handling the same loads/functions as a typical GUI server instance on bare hardware (not necessarily running under a VM hypervisor).






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