Salary vs. Hourly (how I manage email)

I thought it might be interesting to look at my last chunk of emails by what hour they were answered. It does seem to show some patterns. Some that may not be healthy for any real separation between on/off work hours. It is good that I’ve got no email in the 1AM to 5AM zone.…

via Email Support Data — Bionic Teaching

Around the time I was busted down from salary to hourly employment, I too spent my free hours doing “work”. Checking email, occasionally answering it outside regular business hours. But 1 year ago (more like 10 months ago), we all got reclassified where I work so that we could “earn” overtime. My solution was to not do anything worthy of overtime and that soaked up the worry I had of not doing enough to earn my wages. So outside regular business days and hours, I don’t check mail because if I reply to it, that’s “work”. So the easiest thing is to just not check it until start of business the following day. That’s how punch clocks work, whether they are real or virtual.






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