Reminder: Customer service and human dignity — Jon Udell

It’s been a decade since I interviewed Paul English on the subject of customer service and human dignity (audio). He was CTO and co-founder at kayak but in this interview we talked more about GetHuman. It had begun as a list of cheats to help you hack through the automated defenses of corporate customer service […]

via Customer service and human dignity — Jon Udell

I remember the links and postings some years back that Jon mentions in this posting. All the phone trees were slightly different, but people were way more interested in getting to a person at their bank. So that was my first introduction for the customer service tree workaround. Now it seems like things are even more elaborate than just getting to a customer representative. If you’re willing to pay you can do all sorts of creative things to get in touch with a customer rep. I think something similar to this might have been posted on prior to it being folded into the Consumer Reports enterprise.






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