Cool Mediums vs. Hot

I’ve generally kept my advocacy for the Lead-Crime Hypothesis of this blog. This is a blog about web-enabled education, after all. But today I can probably get away with it because there’s a web literacy connection. Seriously, I promise. For those who don’t know the lead-crime hypothesis, it goes like this: the massive crime wave […]

via The Lead Hypothesis and a Gripe About Mobile — Hapgood

Using McLuhan as a yard-stick, I’m going to put mobile phones into the cool category. A laptop or desktop computer is hot. Mobile is definitely one-way consumptive and information is treated “as received” from the sources. Mike has a point here, a creative act or a medium that allows for creation and not just consumption would be hot. And further, being able to participate and create, makes it hotter still. It is a medium that is fully 2-way and not just “as received”.






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