If You Didn’t Think RSS Was Dead Before, Facebook Just Killed it, Completely | Stay N Alive

People simply aren’t using RSS readers any more, and I’d argue if you even mention “RSS” people won’t even know what you’re talking about. RSS isn’t social. You can’t reply via RSS. You can’t share via RSS. Only social is social and Facebook just opened that (using “open” very loosely) to the entire web.

Source: If You Didn’t Think RSS Was Dead Before, Facebook Just Killed it, Completely | Stay N Alive

Wherein the writer Jesse Stay acts as a tout and corporate shill for one Mark Zuckerberg and his advertising platform known as “The Facebook”. Much trolling and baiting of RSS readers and weblogging occurs throughout the article. I declare it FAKE NEWS ala Donald J. Trump. How’s this for sharing via RSS Mr. Jesse Stay?! Hmm? Is your Search Engine Optimization and Performance Dashboard picking up this signal yet? PING!!

I dare say Feedly is providing an adequate refuge for the users of Google Reader who had to flee that platform. I’ve been using it and it works/looks similar enough to Google Reader for my taste. And even better the Mobile App is feature equal and feature complete to the Desktop browser version as well. That was something I never did with Google Reader, never used it as a mobile app. So kudos to Feedly for keeping the mobile app revised and up-to-date. I couldn’t happier and recommend anyone who did use Google Reader, and desperately wants a way to subscribe to and read feeds from your favorite blogs, and news sites, do use RSS. Do NOT use Facebook.

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