Mark the time (10/08/2019 11:28PM EDT)

I deactivated my Twitter account after reading this article on both Slashdot and The Register:

Twitter attempted to gain phone numbers of folks with accounts claiming it was for security purposes. This happened also to me on Facebook when they shutdown my account back in 2015. FB Support wanted my phone number to reinstate my account and I refused so they I was locked out.

Then Twitter shutdown my account, and refused to reinstate no matter what I did. But they STILL tried bullying me into handing over a telephone number, and I refused that one too. It was too suspicious and too damning, and bald-faced to be coincidence. And now the cat is out of the bag for the Twitter phone number cache. It was NEVER about security, ever, EVER, EVAR. It was all about advertising and engagement and all the negative BS social media has come to encompass. So as of today, I have deactivated Twitter. I originally let Twitter shutdown my first/original account but couldn’t stay away, and re-upped after 5 months off (in 2015). But this time it’s for good. No more FB, no more Twitter, you’re no fun anymore.






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