A new course & the untimely demise of the MAODE — The Ed Techie

First of all, some good news. On June 8th we launch a new microcredential course – 15pts at postgrad level so not _that_ micro I grant – on FutureLearn. 681 more words

A new course & the untimely demise of the MAODE — The Ed Techie

Ah yes, the axing of the programs

I once worked in an EdTech center at the Uni where I worked. We had a help desk, student staff, generous hours and plenty of computers with “some” but not of overly specialized equipment. And it was by and large successful (not in an enrollment/profit kind of way, but was well used and atteneded). But priorities changed and the space that place occupied was coveted by the building owners (where we were a tenant), and we by degrees took out the computer/lab space.

This eventually led to staff being re-assigned to other orgs and eventually all operations were shutdown. Whither the instuctors? Indeed that seemed like the first thing that would suffer. And all complaints, requests for assistance would go through our then new director when they fell into the EdTech category. I had left by then for another part of the Uni. But after a year, they posted a job description that was almost 100% my previous job. So I applied for it and got it. And now I’m back to assisting people, but without the “center”, the staff and equipment.






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