Remembering 1964 Summer Olympics

Things sure were looking up for Japan and the whole world back then

The Olympic team for Great Britain just submitted a wonder message to the world, marking what would have been the opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympic games. The film makers draw a parallel to ’64, when last the Olympics were held in Japan. It was a bright shining moment. The bullet-train had JUST entered service, Japan had built all new stadiums and venues for the competition. Think too about this, the World’s Fair was going on at the same time in Queens/NYC. The Vietnam War had not yet been informally declared. Things weren’t so bad. Great Britain would score some gold medals, and that’s shown in the video too. Notably they set a world’s record in the Women’s 800m with Ann Packer coming from the back in the last 200m leg of the race (that’s a story all unto itself). But the video really is a call for not only rememberance but for HOPE. There is hope. Truly we will meet again, in July 2021. And maybe by then things will be a little less dark, a little more hopeful if not joyful. We will meet again some sunny day, in Tokyo, July 2021. That message gives me all the feels.






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