The OBS Screen Timer Zoom Trick – CogDogBlog

Good ol’ Alan Levine has done it again. That man is more curious, patient, and adaptive than any other programmer, instructional technologist. Hands down he tries things, and sees if they stick. He was project managing an online educational conference and attempting to design a Zoom layout/scene source that would allow him to host a meeting, keep speakers on track for time remaining and help prompt attendees on the topic being presented (with a title slide) all contained in an OBS Studio virtual camera output to Zoom. And I have to say, I followed Alan’s notes and directions and it works! So that’s the true mark of an instructional technologist,… can you summarize and step-wise your process and get it out there in words so anyone else could duplicate what you did? If you can, you are well on your way to being a valuable asset in any Instructional Technology context in education (Higher Ed, K-12, doesn’t matter it applies everywhere).






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