Climate Deniers Shift Tactics to ‘Inactivism’ – Scientific American

By Richard Schiffman (an environmental journalis based in New York City)

If I’ve learned anything from the whole sad tale of Big Tobacco going after Jeffrey Wygand, it’s that money knows no bounds. Nothing is in good faith ever, apples to apples comparisons, it is about winner take all. And that’s been the approach, the playbook for every opposition research effort since Big Tobacco decided to defend it’s turf back in the early 1960s. This is about gang lords of giant companies all huddling together and figuring out who to punish and take out. Whether it’s groups like ALEC [American Legislative Exchange Council], or British Petroleum, or CRC Advisors, or the American Energy Alliance, or Guy McPherson, they all wish to defend the turf of Big Energy. Just like turning the idea of recycling back onto the consumer, the Big Energy gang are trying to turn back the idea of a carbon footprint back onto the individual. They say, they point at you the individual, it’s you!! It is YOU that have destroyed the environment, caused the global warming. What are YOU doing about it? And that’s not a good faith, apples-to-apples interaction with us, the public. It’s an attempt to defend their turf. So As Professor Michael Mann points out, keep your eye on climate debate. Actions and meaningful laws, change in business practicies means the Climate can be saved. Once that inertial stiction has been broken, we can get this problem solved.






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