From the Kara Sea to the college quad — Bryan Alexander

Thinking about the intersection of higher education and climate change sometimes can be daunting in its scope and complexity. Sometimes small, individual stories are a good way into the topic. Today’s case in point: a Russian gas tanker just traveled successfully across most of the Arctic Ocean bordering Asia.  Twice. This is such an extreme…

From the Kara Sea to the college quad — Bryan Alexander

Reading this makes me think of one of those many “stub” storylines sprinkled throughout Breakfast of Champions, where Kilgore Trout is dropping the plots of stories he wrote, submitted to various SciFi magazines, but which relate to what’s ACTUALLY happening to him in the overall story of Breakfast of Champions. One of those droplets was about an alien race who had a species of furry creature not unlike a Koala bear that the they hated so much they literally spent their whole lives as a culture trying to make the creature extinct. And the day when they finally killed it off they marked the moment with a small statue of the creature with the words “Golgongo” emblazoned across the bottom because in their language that was the word for “Extinct”. Reading about the so-called “Northwest Passage” opening up to Oil Tanker traffic from Russia is a moment not unlike reading and being horrified by one of the many Kilgore Trout SciFi stories threaded through Breakfast of Champions.

Arctic is now an Anti-Arctic. Arctic is now Golgongo.






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