Damning evidence from WHO


I read the following words from this NPR report back on March 15th. And I don’t know how to interpret and read it:

“There was massive transmission going on at that market for sure,” says Linfa Wang, a virologist who studies bat viruses at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. He’s also part of the WHO investigative team. Wang says that after the outbreak at the Huanan market, Chinese scientists went there and looked for the virus.

“In the live animal section, they had many positive samples,” Wang says. “They even have two samples from which they could isolate live virus.”

And so Daszak and others on the WHO team believe that the wildlife farms provided a perfect conduit between a coronavirus-infected bat in Yunnan (or neighboring Myanmar) and a Wuhan animal market.”

NPR.org – March 15, 20215:41 PM ET
Heard on All Things Considered

I read, and re-read those chilling words:

They even have two samples from which they could isolate live virus

Did they get those samples from ANIMALS, in the Live Animal section of the wet market in Wuhan? Were these samples from animals and not people? If they were animals that were sampled, with live virus, that,… man, that by itself IS the smoking gun. The story goes onto say that after Chinese health officials discovered this, China didn’t just shutdown the market. The did in fact shutdown the whole government program tied to that live animal section of the market. The wild animals were part of a government program to allow “exotic animal” farming in rural/poor sections of the country. All this time, I had read in multiple accounts prior to this, that raising and eating wild game was a “tradition”, part of the culture of south and South central China. This was a custom, that was observed, and tolerated, and allowed to thrive in the region. But now, I see it was part of a bigger program to “grow” the region out of poverty by farming the “exotic, wild game” market. Which of course led to capture of wild animals for domestic breeding, and raising. Somewhere in there, a bat spread SARS-CoV2 to another animal which then spread it to humans. It sounds like the virus was IN the animals at the market, so someone likely has an idea of the vector, the jumping point. But that info may never see light of day, because it would make China’s decisions look bad. The only thing they really did was shutdown the exotic animal farm program the MOMENT they discovered the virus in the animals at the market. They KNEW they had screwed up, and as soon as they did, it was scorched earth. Leave no trace, pay the farmers, destroy the animals, shutdown the farms. That’s it.






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