Nakagin Capsule Tower

Yes, it still exists. And the author is attempting to stay in the building for one month. Efforts to raze the building are on hold. Similarly the building is not being actively rented out (no doubt due to Covid19), but the writer was able to make contact with the person in charge and find an open room to rent for 1 month. Amenities do not include hot water (I remember the issue about hot water pipe causing BIG problems some time back). It happens that hot water was turned off in 2010 to avoid another issue with pipes breaking. I’ve seen some photos of water-damaged rooms in the building as well. But, happy to see it’s in good enough shape for occupancy. Even with that you still have to use a laundry and the closest one (in Ginza/Shimbashi area) is 16 minutes walk. (sheesh!) Similarly no working refrigerator either (sad emoji). So just be warned 1 month is likely the most anyone would “want” to visit once they score a berth in the building. Just be prepared to eat out, bring in, and dispose of all your combini trash. And also, get used to using the common shower facility (they do at least have that available, so no need to trackdown a convenient sento in that high-priced neighborhood.).






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