Zoom and Room: hidden labour — lawrie : converged

I got married in 2006. It was great, we’d decided to get married on a ski slope in Canada. We flew out with a group of friends, skied around for a week or so, got married on a slope, had drinks and food, skied some more and came home. Piece of cake! Or at least…

Zoom and Room: hidden labour — lawrie : converged

And think too about scale. This is not for a one-off, bespoke event instance. Try doing something for 600+ classes being taught across a 150 acre campus. I have one small bit of this repsonsibility, scheduling automated recordings in 50 classrooms and submitting videos for captioning for classes where there are standing accommodation requests. This semester alone we’ve seen an appreciable inflation of recording requests 40 more than last semester. And, during last semester we saw a giant increase from our single most busy semester prior to that Fall 2019 when we had a grand total of 20 scheduled recordings and 1 or 2 classes needing captions. So lets assess this numerically 2019, 20 classes, last semester Fall 2021, 60 classes and now this semester Spring 2022, it’s 100 classes and 15 with accommodation requests needing captions. Needless to say our staff (meaning me, a team of 1) has not grown or increased. And complaining about it doesn’t seem to be motivation for anyone in charge. So until a big disaster occurs, a ball gets dropped, or god-forbid I get sick and have to leave for a time, this all hinges on me. And that’s just for one small fraction of the overall pieces (our Classroom Tech support folks are bearing the brunt of the support and maintenance issues). So yes, think about the growth, try to get ahead of it, otherwise burn-out will occur.






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