Time to plumb the depths of the Fediverse

Mastodon don’t fail me now! It’s that time, the time where people adopt the next big thing. Just like when I got my first FB account in 2005 and sat around waiting for the big wave to come in (2007) I had 1 half-hearted attempt at a Mastadon account, that I let go fallow. But then my brother joined, and picked a new server instance. So I started over and that was round about 2018. And there that account sat after an initial flurry of activity. But now, NOW things are shaking up again. And it feels like 2007 all over again where all the cool kids start dropping in and waves of people who swore they would never join, start coming in droves. Better late than never. So long Friendster, bye-bye MySpace, too-do-loo FB, sayonora Twitter. Hello Fediverse.






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