Sell, sell, sell

A cautionary tale by your friend the Wing Commander. Let’s say you knew somebody that had a business, something they started themselves. They put their whole lives into it so they could escape the corporate rat race. Then as is the case with most people, you lose interest, it becomes a job and you want […]

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Just Look at all the pictures of the Tower I thought I might be one of the first, but in the age of the Interwebs, it appears I may be one of the last or middle to take pictures of the Nakagin Capsule Tower and post it on Flickr. There are no less than 113 […]

Growing grass is not like watching paint dry

I’ve been hand cultivating the big area in front of where our bathroom addition was made last fall. Construction ended in October, much too late to get a good start on growing the grass. So I decided this Spring would be better. But rain made that an impossibility, rain and snow. We had snow on […]

I, Cringely – Is IBM about to layoff 100,000

IBM about to layoff 100,000 US employees? This is big news, and is currently being soft pedaled by the powers that be. I guess the recent stock market run has emboldened the IBM management to cash out while the getting is good. Great show of backbone there, while the run up is going on. Shows […]

Bill Moyers Journal

Glad to see Bill back on PBS. Tonights show was all about pre-war press coverage. Everyone was on a mission to prevent them as being seen as un-patriotic. The winds politically were blowing that way in Washington D.C. and every beltway media outfit fell in line. As Bill Moyers points out the columnists, all of […]

New Laws of Robotics proposed for kill-bots

Robot warriors should be allowed to mix it up among themselves freely, autonomously deciding to blast enemy weapon systems. Many enemy “systems” would, of course, be themselves robots, so it’s clear that machine-on-machine violence isn’t a problem. The difficulty comes when the automatic battlers need to target humans… read more | digg story