I don’t remember things being like this

Being a kid watching political competitions I remember Primaries and Caucuses being such a foregone conclusion there was no such thing as real competition. I used to see good candidates get passed over for the smooth talking good looking well funded insiders. It happened all the time in 1980 especially. I kind of wish Howard […]


Tonya Engst over at Tidbits was the happy recipient to a brand new copy of Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’. She purchased her copy through the Apple Store and no doubt elected the most speedy delivery option. However I in my infinite foresight decided to support Ric Ford of Macintouch and pre-ordered at Amazon back […]

KPBS to the Rescue

San Diego area affected by Fire Thanks KPBS for using Google MAps to it’s maximum possible good. At a time when the federal authorities are desperately tied up with firefighting, information becomes all the more important. This was especially true for people in the middle of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and anyone in Manhattan during […]

Epigenetics way more interesting than genetics

Your environment has an effect on your genes. It’s been proven by medical studies treating cancer patients with drugs that remove the methylating groups from their genes. This is without a doubt the truest benefit from having sorted out the genetic code. First we learned the code, now we understand the operating system the runs […]

Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo International Forum Originally uploaded by Stéfan. Next time in Japan, I’m taking a swing by the Tokyo train station and walking a few blocks over to the Forum. I’ve seen so many pictures I feel like it would be pretty cool to see it in person as well.

Would notebook’s clues have headed off 9-11?

WASHINGTON — Two numbers scrawled in a notebook that belonged to terrorism suspect Zacarias Moussaoui could have given the FBI a chance to identify several of the Sept. 11 hijackers before they struck six years ago, according to officials who are familiar with the bureau’s massive investigation of the attacks. read more | digg story